30 Day Summer Shred Challenge Pt. 2

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Challenge Details:

Start Date: Monday July, 5th (Day 1)

End Date: Tuesday August, 3rd (Day 30)

    Registration Includes:

    • 30-Day Weight Training Plan*
    • Custom Shred Diet Plan
    • Over 100 Instructional Workout Videos
    • Exclusive Access to Private Facebook Group
    • Downloadable E-Book (iOS & Android Compatible)
    • Lifetime Access to the program
    • 1 Entry to win up to $1,000 in Cash Prizes


    • 1st Place: $1000
    • 2nd Place: $500
    • 3rd Place: $250
    • 4th Place: $150
    • 5th Place: $100

    This 30-Day Challenge is designed to push your body to the limits through intense weight training and HIIT cardio circuits. Along with the workouts, you will receive a custom Shred Diet Plan where can plan out your meals and calculate your daily macro intake. The structure of this program gives you the opportunity to improve your overall fitness level and help reshape your body for the summer! We provide you with the blueprint to success....it's just up to you to work for it!



    • What if I registered for Summer Shred Part 1?
      • You can still register for Part 2! The workouts are the same as Part 1 but, in order to qualify for the cash prizes you must register for Part 2 as well.
    • Do I need any equipment for the workouts?
      • Yes! This challenge requires access to basic gym equipment.
    • When will I receive the full program?
      • All participants will receive the Workout & Diet Plans via email immediately after purchase.
    • Can anyone sign up for the challenge?
      • Yes! Anyone can participate in the challenge male and female. We've had winners in the past from many different age groups and demographics.
      • How are the winners selected?
        • We select the 5 Winners based on "best overall transformation". We are not looking for the "most shredded" or "most muscular" we look at your overall progress from Day 1 to Day 30. Anyone has the opportunity to win it's all up to how hard you are willing to work for your results.
      • Can I access the program on my phone?
        • Yes, all of our programs are compatible with iPhone and Android phones.
      • Can I keep the program even after the challenge is over?
        • Yes, everyone who signs up for the challenge will have lifetime access to the workout program. 
      • When do I send my before/after photos?
        • Please email your before & after photos at the END of the challenge on Day 30. 

      *If you have any questions please email us at tlb@thelostbreed.com 

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