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About us


The Lost Breed is a group of individuals driven by hunger and ambition who are destined to reach their goals by any means.  We approach every task with passion, hard work, and unwavering faith; we will never cheat the grind. It’s a movement, a lifestyle brand, and a mindset. 
We are an endangered species.  In other words, we are different from the norm; we refuse to travel down the road that society has paved for us.  We refuse to let society dictate our future.  We will be in complete charge of the lives we choose to live.  The Lost Breed is here to show the world that dreams are obtainable.  We are here to prove all those who ever doubted us wrong and to show them exactly what we’re made of.  Our sole purpose on this earth is to motivate and inspire. 
It goes way beyond the gym and is much deeper than simply working out.  It can apply to any aspect of your life.  Whether it be playing a sport, studying in school, applying for a job, or any given task at hand, you give it everything you’ve got. You out work everyone, and you manifest what “they” said was impossible. 
It’s a play on your self-conscious; it’s a constant reminder for you to work harder.  It’s a constant reminder for you to be the best person you can be in every aspect of life.  It’s a constant reminder for you to grind as hard as you can and never be out worked by anyone.  It’s that voice you hear in your head that pushes you to be the hungriest and to strive for your goals by any means necessary. 


635 New Park Ave Building 2H

West Hartford, CT 06107