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30 Day Shred Challenge Vol. 2

Product Description
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TLB 30 Day Shred Challenge! 

30 Day Shred Vol. 2 Program Includes:

  • Custom Weight Training & Cardio Workout Plan
  • Complete Shred Diet Plan
  • Instructional Workout Videos
  • TLB Workout Tips & Secrets 
  • Downloadable E-Book 

Welcome to The Lost Breed's 30 Day Shred Challenge...Vol 2!

This 30-Day Challenge is designed to push your body to the limits through intense weight training, unique cardio circuits, and a custom "Shred" diet plan. The structure of this program gives you the opportunity to improve your overall fitness level and reshape your body to achieve optimal results within 30 Days! This program will not only help you shed body fat, you will also pack on lean muscle mass, which will drastically improve enhance your physique! 

For less than $1 a day you can jump start your fitness journey and get into the best shape of your life. Learn how to train like The Lost Breed!







    Watch Day 1 of our 1st 30 Day Challenge!

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