Flight School

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"The personal trainer who defies gravity with superhuman vertical leaps that don't seem physically possible"

Daily Mail


"Meet the Human Trampoline" 

USA Today Sports


"Anthony Lugo's jumps are insane"

- Fox Sports



Flight School

The Lost Breed's new jump program "Flight School" is a comprehensive guide to help you increase your vertical jumping ability and help you become an overall better athlete. This 8-week program, containing four unique phases that progressively increase in difficulty, will take your jumping ability to the next level. This program is designed for individuals looking to become elite athletes, these workouts can be applied to any sport (basketball, football, track & field, volleyball, tennis, etc...)

Flight School was designed by Anthony Lugo, the man behind the impressive jumps you've seen all over the internet. His videos have been featured on House of Highlights, Bleacher Report, USA Today Sports, Daily Mail, Fox Sports, as well as countless other platforms. Anthony applied all of his athletic knowledge and expertise into this program. He formulated a unique phase structure unlike any other jump program to ensure participants achieve maximum results. Anthony also reveals some of his personal jumping secrets and tips in Flight School.