TLB Training


635 New Park Ave Building 2H
West Hartford, CT 06107


  1. What type of training do we offer? We offer small group training that focuses on strength & conditioning as well as athleticism. We incorporate both weight training and plyometrics into each session.
  2. Is the training sport specific? No, this training is designed to help you build a strong physical foundation and transform you into elite athlete for whichever sport you play.
  3. How are the classes set up? Classes are divided into four different groups: Middle School, High School, 18+ Women, and 18+ Men.  
  4. How long are the sessions? Each session is 75 minutes long 
  5. How many people per class? Group Training classes range from 2-8 people
  6. What if I'm a beginner? That is totally fine. We will start with the basics and build out from there based on your skill level. 
  7. Are there any long-term contracts? No, there aren't any long term contracts involved. You pay for whichever session package works best for you. 
  8. How do I sign up? Click the link below to enter our scheduling portal where you will able to book & schedule your sessions directly from your phone/computer.

**For any additional questions please email