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Elite Athlete 8-Week Program

Product Description
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Welcome to The Lost Breed’s Elite Athlete Program. This unique program combines strength training, jump training, agilities, and a whole lot of core, designed to push your body to its limits and transform you into an elite athlete.


E-Book Includes:

  • 8-Weeks of Uniquely Designed Workouts 
  • Over 120 Exercise Video Demonstrations
  • Weight Training and Bodyweight Workouts
  • Intense Plyo/Agility Training
  • Stretching/Recovery Guide
  • Key Training Tips

In completing this program you can expect to see improvements in your explosive strength, speed & endurance, and overall athleticism. We will provide you with the blueprint to success but at the end of the day only YOU can hold yourself accountable. If you want results you gotta work hard and go get them!

Completely Interactive (Clickable Links)

Download the program directly to your phone and take it with you to the gym. With over 120 video demonstrations you won't ever have to look up how to perform an exercise again. Simply click on the exercise and a tutorial video will pop up!

If you want to train like The Lost Breed, this is the program for you!

-All Grind No Glory

*No Refunds for Digital Workout Programs

This is SO powerful, that in less than 4-5 weeks, you can already start seeing the results!


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