8 Weeks To Mass

8 Weeks To Mass

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Full Program Includes:

  • 8 Week Muscle Building Program
  • Over 30 Uniquely Designed Workouts
  • Custom Mass Gain Diet
  • Complete Library of Exercise Video Tutorials
  • Downloadable E-Book (iOS & Android Compatible)

Welcome to The Lost Breed’s 8 WEEKS TO MASS! THIS PROGRAM is for the radicals looking to get pushed past your limits, challenge you physically & mentally, and ultimately pack on size, strength, & muscle. After years of research, knowledge and experience we finally put together the ultimate MASS BUILDING PROGRAM.

Before presenting this program to you we tested it out on ourselves. We went through all of the workouts and followed the complete diet regimen, which are both included.
This intense program is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. With each week, you will be faced with a new set of workouts that will challenge you.
These workouts are intended to help you build muscle, pack on size, gain strength, as well as, providing you a blueprint to success in the gym.