New Year's Shred Challenge!

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30 Day New Year's Challenge! 


    *New Year's Shred Program Includes:

    • 30-Day Weight Training & Cardio Workout Plan
    • Custom Shred Diet Plan
    • Over 100 Instructional Workout Videos 
    • Exclusive Access to Private Facebook Group
    • TLB Workout Tips & Secrets 
    • Downloadable E-Book (iOS & Android Compatible)
    • Lifetime Access to the program

    This 30-Day Challenge is designed to push your body to the limits through intense weight training and unique cardio circuits. Along with the workouts, you will receive a custom Shred diet plan where can plan out your meals and calculate your daily macro intake. The structure of this program gives you the opportunity to improve your overall fitness level and help reshape your body for the NEW YEAR! We provide you with the blueprint to's just up to you to work for it!